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Our company has established the following policies concerning environment and quality. Our vendors are requested to understand the policies of our company specified below and cooperate with our company in fulfilling its activities concerning environment and quality.

Environmental policy

As harmony with the environment is one of our most important management issues based on the recognition that global environmental conservation is common issue of all human beings, under the slogan of "Friendly to the earth, to the community and to the person", we are not satisfied with the present and are aiming for even greater heights to maintain environmental conservation as a corporate citizen.

  1. To comply with legal regulations for environmental conservation and honor the terms agreed to with interested parties.
  2. To pursue development, manufacture and marketing of eco-friendly products.
  3. To aggressively measure for preventing environmental contamination and to aim at the reduction of energy consumption and an amount of waste.

Quality policy

  1. In order to obtain customers' confidence, "Do rightly from the beginning" shall be practiced and efforts shall be made to improve quality.
  2. The highest priority shall be given to customers' confidence.
  3. Responsibility and authority shall be made clear.
  4. Remedies and preventive measures shall be positively pursued.
  5. Efforts shall be made at all times to improve quality without being satisfied with a current quality level.


Name of documents Revision Japanese English
ENVIRONMENTAL AND QUALITY STANDARDS MANUAL(Chemicals Control Standards Section) 8.1 pdf pdf
Certificate of No Prohibited Substances Contained 3.1 doc doc


Name of documents Revision Japanese English
Action Item List & Check Sheet 3.0 *1 *1
JAMP MSDSplus 4.1b *2 *2
JAMP AIS 4.1b *3 *3

*1 'Action Item List & Check Sheet' are downloaded form the JGPSSI website.

*2'JAMP MSDSplus' is downloaded from the JAMP website.

*3'JAMP AIS' is downloaded from the JAMP website.

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